Notice: Temporary Changes to HOA Policy During Coronavirus Outbreak


On behalf of the Meadows of Kyle Homeowners Association Board of Directors, I want to thank every one of our members for taking all the necessary self-isolation precautions that are keeping our community and loved ones safe.

In times like this, I’m reminded we are all members of the same human family. Keeping this in mind gives me confidence we will make it through this crisis, especially if we all do our part to help.

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of strain on our day-to-day life making even minor errands like grocery shopping more difficult and in some cases has even resulted in layoffs or economic pressure. In response to the economic crisis that has been born from the Coronavirus outbreak, I have proposed to the Board of Directors and they have agreed to enact policies to try and support each household. Like each of you, the Board is trying to do our small part to help.

Effective today, we will temporarily be halting compliance fines and replace them with courtesy notices. Excessive violators may still see compliance fines should courtesy notices go completely unanswered, these situations will be dealt with by the Board on a case by case basis. In addition, we will not be charging late fees for unpaid HOA assessments (dues). Your assessments are still due on schedule, but if your household has a hard time paying on-time during this crisis we don’t want you to feel the pain of additional fees and penalties. This will have the effect of deferring your assessments until you can make payment. If you find yourself struggling to pay your assessments please reach out to our Manager, Bobby Humphries at to make arrangements or just to provide a courtesy notice of your inability to pay.

Lastly, the Board has agreed to pause all ongoing foreclosure proceedings and will temporarily suspend future enforcement liens and foreclosures.

The Board’s continuing responsibility is to ensure that our community property is maintained, our home values are protected, and your money is well managed. We will assess how best to do that during this outbreak and make adjustments to our approach as needed.

We will discuss these issues at our April 7th teleconference meeting (more info to come soon) and provide new updates in mid-April. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website or email us at

Thank you,
Cody DeSalvo, President
Meadows of Kyle Residential Community, Inc.