Tuesday Tip: Important Reminders About Pets

Today’s tip is all about our four-legged friends. These important reminders will help ensure the safety of our pets and our neighbors.


The City of Kyle leash law requires all dogs to be kept on a leash at all times. (Article II. Sec. 5-38) This law applies when you are walking your dog around the neighborhood, in easements, or other public areas. Dogs are not to be off leash at any time.


ALL animals (cats, dogs, turtles, etc) are required to be registered with the City of Kyle (Article VI Sec 5-185). Visit the Animal Control website to obtain registration form or see details for online registration. This will also help to ensure the return of your pet should they be lost. Note: proof of vaccination is required.


There has been an increase in the number of pets roaming without owners. Make sure your gates and fences are properly secured and make repairs immediately to prevent your pet from getting out. To report stray animals, contact Kyle Animal Control at 512.268.3232 (Note KAC offices out of the Kyle Police Department and this number is the same as the non-emergency line).


If your pet has been lost, you will want to check the various social media sites dedicated to lost and found pets. (There are a number of groups and pages on Facebook, NextDoor is another great resource). You may place signs in your yard and around the community. Signs may not be placed on the mailboxes. Note: If your pet is picked up by Animal Control, they will be taken to the San Marcos Animal Shelter which takes in all stray animals reported in Hays County.


When walking your pets, make sure to carry trash bags to clean up your pet’s waste. Failure to clean up after your pet is a reportable offense and can result in citation of up to $500 by Kyle Police and/or Kyle Animal Control.


Save this graphic to help remind you of these important tips:


Tuesday Tip: Noise Ordinance

The Meadows of Kyle Subdivision falls under the jurisdiction and is governed by rules set forth by the city of Kyle. As such, residents of the Meadows are required to follow all regulations per the city code. There has been an increase in the number of complaints for noise violations in the neighborhood, so this week’s tip is a review of the City’s rule regarding noise.

The full and most current version of the rule can be found here: Article IV. NOISE

At the time of publication, the ordinance designates quiet hours as 10:00 pm to 7:00 am – During this period, loud music, motor vehicle stereos, outdoor movies, animals, etc should not be at such a volume that annoys or disturbs the quiet, comfort, or repose of any person with reasonable sensibilities. If a resident feels there has been a violation of this rule, they are within their rights to contact city police to file a formal complaint. Citations may be issued up to $500 per violation.


What constitutes a noise violation?

Please see the city code linked above for a more thorough description of prohibited noise.

Some examples include:

  • Loud music played via radio, musical instrument, stationary speaker, or motor vehicle
  • Loud/vociferous language, such as yelling or shouting
  • Long continued noise of any animal or fowl, such as a barking dog
  • Continued or frequent sounding of any car horn (unless it is meant to be a danger/warning signal)

How do I report a noise violation? 

We first encourage trying to resolve the matter with a face-to-face meeting between neighbors. If you are unable to speak with your neighbor, your neighbor is not receptive, or you cannot come to a reasonable understanding and the problem persists, please contact the City of Kyle Police Department. Noise complaints can be reported to the non-emergency line at 512.268.3232


As a reminder, the Homeowner’s Association does not have any authority regarding noise violations and all complaints should be reported to the city police department.

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